At Riverland Access we stock a range of high and low voltage power generators from industry-leading manufacturer, Aggreko.

Our diesel generating sets are invaluable in places without connection to a power grid. Through Aggreko, we are able to provide flexible fuel options to supplement your power generator hire.

We can also supply a temperature control unit for highly sensitive industries such as food and beverage.

In addition to diesel-powered sets, we also offer gas-fuelled generation as well as the unique ADDGAS (the combination of diesel and gas) powered generation to suit your needs.

Suitable for a variety of applications, this quality equipment offers the following key benefits:

  • Quick and easy to set up, simple to operate
  • Acoustically optimised to provide sound attenuation levels down to 65 [email protected]
  • Maximise output white minimising fuel consumption and emissions

Our fleet consists of the following power generators:

Power generator type Nominal size Prime capacity
Canopy 20kVA 16kW
Canopy 30kVA 24kW
Canopy 60kVA 47.5kW
Canopy 125kVA 101kW
Canopy 200kVA 156kW
Canopy 320kVA 258kW
Canopy 350kVA 283kW
Canopy/20ft Containerised 500kVA 404kW
20ft Containerised 800kVA 650kW
20ft Containerised 1000kVA 830kW
20ft Containerised 1250kVA 1034kW
20ft Containerised* 1375kVA 1120kW

*Gas powered or ADDGAS power generator.

For more information about the hire, installation and servicing of our generators, contact us today.